Thursday, 2 May 2013

Today's manifesto...

I AM going to innovate and CREATE like it or not.

I will produce.

I do not care that you are afraid of change, that you fear new things and that you see a future that you cannot understand as bad.

I will make a solution to problems you have not even thought of and I will do it without YOUR or any state's permission! I will create things that make your ideas fail as I will not refuse to stop producing. I will not live off or accept welfare and I will not offer you violence. You will have to use violence against me to make me stop however.

I will create and make the world better whether or not you try and stop me and those like me.

I am producer. I build, I create and I trade. I do not take handouts. I do not beg. I learn, I contract and I do all I can to better the society I am in.

I am producer. I bare the weight of society and create the wealth that all others live on. I am not equal, for nobody is. I know I will never be as good as others in all things, I know I cannot beat other's in all things, but I also know I can do something others cannot. That is my specialty, whatever this is and it will change month to month, year to year as all around me changes forcing me to work!

I am producer, the only alternative is parasitic and I will not accept this.

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