Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The dumb country

The Australian government hates people like me. Educated ones.

They love to say we are the smart country, but no longer. The Commonwealth government has capped the educational expenses at $2,000 per annum that can be deducted.

This means that anyone doing an MBA, a PhD or some other form of education whist working has to have to full tax costs associated with their education. The end result will be less education. We can expect fewer scientists, fewer people doing post grad studies and a general decline in the standard of living in the country.

You can argue that there is a cost and this is skewed. For instance, I spent and claimed $56,000 in educational expenses last tax year for the two degrees I was undertaking (my second PhD and a Masters). What you would be missing is that I could do this study without the structure. In having a doctorate, you learn how to research. I just like to have the structure of the University.

Next, I am actually paying the University that money. As the University IS a government institution, the amounts I am paying to do a full fee course are actually going to the federal government. In effect, taxing one such as myself who has done a working post graduate degree is double taxation. 

The end result and the unintended consequences of this will be a lowered uptake of education. Then, less educated people are easier to control…


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