Sunday, 5 May 2013

Climate science or climate magic?

In the pseudo-science of climate change theories are fabricated only in order to accommodate known facts.

To be a science, we need to be able to create models that predicted a something new. In climate, this would be to determine the weather, sea temperature and other aspects of climate 10 or even 20 years in advance based on a set of input variables. Right now, we cannot do this and have no clear part to be able to do so.

Climate pseudo-science has in its course of flip flopping models generated many eminently futile prophecies, yet we are still to see a model that makes an accurate prediction. In the 1970’s, it predicted the coming ice age. In the 90’s the global sea level rise of the 2010 era. The pseudo-science camp has been vocal, bold and stunning, but ultimately, they have miscarried any attempt to create a model that has actually worked.

There is one certainty we have with the climate. It changes. We know this as we live in a world where climate has changed from ice ages to heat waves, and all without the help of humanity.

To be a science, climate pseudo-science needs to make a mart in the sand. To make a model and predict, not the past, but the future.

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