Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The NBN truth

Today I had a Telstra tech come and lay cables. I needed another 6 pair for what I am seeking to do, which is to host multiple BDSL bonded Ethernet links with ADSL redundancy.


Yes, I like my Internet and the interim cable is just TOO slow.

With all the hype over NBN you would think I could just wait a few weeks and there we go.

That is the issue. NBN is long term. A FEW and by FEW I mean extremely few people will have this in the next three (3) years, but so few it does not make a difference.

So, I have a bill for $1,647.80. This is the install fee. Not cheep, but when you start to look at fibre lines at a cost of $4,000 for an install the economics is simple  (if there is a  point in the street and I do not have one requiring a 6 km install…).

This is, I can have a bonded copper connection NOW. This is not the slow 25mbps touted by the LNP or the vaporware of the Labor coalition, bit is an Ethernet line tomorrow.

So, even though I am around 2km away from the exchange (too far for ADSL2) I am able to get a copper based connection that can handle up to 200mpbs NOW.

Yes, 200 mpbs. Not 100 mpbs as the fibre guys have right now. No vapourware what we can do by 2020, 200mpbs NOW!

I will be limited below that speed as I do not want to pay for it all right now, but I have the option. More, I have dedicated bandwidth. Unlike all those poor saps on the NBN, my connection is a complete SLA set Ethernet line with a guaranteed symmetric rate. No congestion, no shared services.

Then we have to remember, government has never been a force for innovation. NBNco or RentSeeking inc?


So, my answer to all the politicized BS… Leave it all alone and get out of the business of business. Even the damn Liberal party, the ones meant to be supportive of deregulation are in on this. Again, why are we taking tax payer money to install a poor substitute for commercial options that can already occur.

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Arvid said...

Go have a poke at MT, he is reasonably approachable.
Got me buggered why the average punter would need 25mbs anyway, let alone 100mbs.
If you think about a foxtel satelite unit, in a few 400kbs streams they manage with pretty good redundancy to stream over 60 channels and 20 odd HD ones to your tv and digital, all encrypted.

I actually find the Amazon cloud machines connected to the Internet backbone and able to be started anywhere in the world pretty cool. One can score 12-15 megaBYTES/sec download and then drop the files locally on offpeak. Also fantastic for load testing and things. I have a supplier who asked the other day to load them up, they had 50/50mbps.
Have fun with your mega pipe and keep telling them.