Tuesday, 16 April 2013

PayGlove - Pay without a credit card on you

We have the video linked below.


Yes, the video sucks.

That is not the point. I am a geek University researcher. In this, we have taken a hi-Call:

Bluetooth talking glove (http://www.hi-fun.com/en/accessori-iphone-ipod-ipad/hi-call/ ) and modified it for NFC access.

The aim was to have a built in payment system linked to PayWave and Google wallet. There are systems based on the phone now. We chose to extend this and use the Bluetooth functionality of the hiCall glove to create a means to just swipe your palm and have a transaction paid for.

The glove has an ability to process hand gestures. We used this function as the means to authorize the transaction. Swipe your palm over the payment pad and touch your fingers together and you link to your Google wallet and payment occurs.

The reactions can be a little unusual at times when people do not see how the payment occurs, but it is an experiment in creating payments built into the individual. In the future, this could be a wrist band or even an embedded chip.


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