Thursday, 28 March 2013

Back to study

Well, back to it all.

Right now, I have completed my doctoral work and am awaiting the examination to come through. And yes, for all I have said I will be starting a third doctorate even though I did say two was enough.

In the mean time I am back to study. I can now continue and complete the Masters degree I placed on hold when the University discovered I was doing multiple degrees at once.

This is the Master of Systems Development degree from Charles Sturt University. Yes, I may work there, but I also pay them money to learn new skills.

I am enrolled in two subjects this semester:

Both are good. ITC515 is about team debugging and deployment. We have a Java application with issues and we are working collaborately in a team of four people (myself included) to correct the code.

ITE517 is about Windows Mobile App design. We are writing and publishing an app that will be published and sold on the Windows Dev store. An interesting concept and I am enjoying the subject.

My app… an expense tracker. Yes another, but I intend to add GST reporting for the Australian market and have it able to generate GST quarterly reports as well as to image and scan the receipts.

And lastly…

I am also completing my PLT (Professional Legal Training). Yes, I have the LLM but I never got around to doing the professional training. SO I am enrolled in the College of Law PLT program right now.

I do enjoy the program and as such may continue and do the

Master of Applied Law (Commercial Litigation) degree to add to the LLM (International Commercial Law). Time will tell.I am not sure if this would be my 9th or 10th Masters degree… I have lost track.

As a PS. I am teaching ITIL and developing a new ITIL subject this semester, Incident handling and CoBIT.

Well that is it for this morning. More soon.

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