Thursday, 17 May 2012

Friday's Webinar

In this session you will learn about digital forensics and where this discipline is heading. More, you will learn methods used to protect networks against hacker attacks and tools.

• The latest tools for conducting Computer Investigations
• Investigating Wireless Attacks
• Investigating Web Attacks
• Investigating DoS Attacks
• Tracking Emails and Investigating Email crimes
• Australian Law and Computer Forensics
• Who is liable for losses that result from attacks
• The role of Education is limiting liability
• Tools for conducting Risk Assessments
• Mobile forensics
• Web forensics
• Expect anything you say to remain and become discoverable
• eDiscovery
• The future of digital forensics

This is a free lecture brought to you by Charles Sturt University. It will be recorded and archived for those who cannot make it to the live event. It is worth 1 CPE/CPD hour.