Friday, 25 May 2012

You really think you can delete it?

In a recent article on CSO it has been suggested that we simply delete data.

In principle this seems good.

In practice it reminds me of the idea that you can use a pair of pliers as a firewall. Yes, the system is cut-off, but it is also not much of an ecommerce platform either.

We are moving to a world of big data. Storage is becoming less and less expensive each day. In a few years, we will have a world where each and every phone call is recorded and stored for all time. A world where video glasses record lives and conversations.

It is not even what WE manage that is at stake, it is all the copies. We have emails saved in many places. BYO means that we have staff copies, home copies and far far more.


Really now, this delete it and we will be OK idea is too silly. It is not thinking of the coming issue and is thought stuck in the past. We have to manage data, we cannot delete data.


We are already in a world where we cannot expect to be able to delete data. What we need to do is to start finding a means to create and protect data. Unstructured text and image searches will help, saying we can be safe if we hit the magical delete key is ridiculous.


Right now, with backup tapes, offline storage and home users, I doubt that there is not some copy of these files we think are deleted looming to haunt us.


If you think you can delete data. You have already lost the battle and are soon to lose the war.


Manage data. Forget deleting!

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