Friday, 16 March 2012


Of late I have been working on a series of articles/papers for Hakin9. The intention is to create a set of works that I can use together as a training and instruction set for people wanting to learn to reversing and exploit writing and deployment.

Some of these have been published and others will soon be available. For now, there are four papers online and ready to read.

  1. Beyond Automated Tools and Frameworks: the shellcode injection process  (Feb 20 2012)
  2. Starting to Write Your Own Linux Shellcode (Jan 23 2012)
  3. DPA Exploitation and GOTs with Python (Dec 21 2011)
  4. Exploiting Format Strings with Python (Oct 24 2011)

In the coming months the following articles will continue the series:

  • Understanding conditionals in shellcode (Submitted)
  • Taking control, Functions to DLL injection (in writing)
  • Extending Control, API Hooking (in planning)


But for now… planning the webinars. The next one to come is below:

Webinar: "Intro to Security in IPv6"

In this Webinar you will learn what the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is, know who has adopted it, understand the vulnerabilities causing security concerns, and learn methods used to protect networks against attacks.

Click here for more details

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