Monday, 19 March 2012

Breaking into household appliances

Well, I see from a link shared by Dhillon Kannabhiran (HiTB) that the CIA wants to break into appliances.

Well, I have been doing silly reverse engineering and hacking exercises for years including things like finding vulnerabilities in an online coffee maker by Jura, and an insecure wireless toothbrush (yes this is real).

The not too distant future…

Disposable communication tablets.

Well actually these are already available.

The internet of things is here already.

The nature of IPv6 and the distributed architecture and advanced in mobile computing will make everything cloud based, even the computer on your desktop, that is, if you even have a desktop any more.

So, is expecting an attack against household appliances anything unexpected…?

Not really, but it is interesting that it has taken this long.

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