Wednesday, 11 January 2012

'Character Assassination attempt?'

I have seen a few posts talking about the issue in “” as if it was an attempt at Character assassination.

Honestly, what they are doing is important. I would have liked to have been contacted and given an opportunity to respond first, but this is something we all have to live with. Having come back from vacation to find the twit and the page was not something I enjoyed, but the reality is that I screwed up.

I trusted too much in technology for a start, this is always an issue with me. I ASSUMED that turnitin and other checking tools would have worked more effectively. I am not too happy with them right now.

Mostly, I am humbled by my stupid error.

I do forensic work and I practice in an industry that requires care. The fact of the matter is that whether I was not intentionally doing the copy without permission is not the issue for me. I asked for permission from the wrong person and this is not something I am happy with. It is negligence and displays a lack of due care on my part.

Having received permission from a person (inadvertently on his part as he also runs an XSS site) who has no authority over the material is a mistake I would not be happy from had an intern done it.

The matter remains that I did use material without permission whether I did this intentionally or not (and I did not intentionally want to do this).

The fact that I only just got the error after running about self-righteously thinking that I had permission was compounded on receiving a reply stating: “Robert Auger, not Robert Hansen, is the author of the XSS FAQ.”

It has been four (4) years and I have only just got this. It is my error and I will do my best to be humbled by it and to learn from it, but it is my error and I will live with it. I will still write and post and the other things I have planned for this year will go ahead, but I will also ensure that I take more care in checking these things in future.

I will post more tomorrow, but for today, I actually need to do work. I am teaching tonight and need to make sure the lecture is prepared and to also get a few articles I am writing checked.

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