Saturday, 9 July 2011

SANS Courses

The details are finally up for a couple of SANS courses I am hosting here in Australia.

I am mentoring a few SANS courses this year. The first ones start in August. One of these is a CSU (Charles Sturt University) credit subject, the other is an advanced penetration and exploit writing course for those wanting to become advanced pen testers or to gain a deep knowledge of the exploit and attack process for incident handling.
SEC 401 Security Essentials (GSEC) (ITE511 CSU Credit Only subject) (401)
Starts August 22nd

SEC 660 Advanced Penetration testing. (660)
Starts August 23rd

Later in the year I am holding another two courses:

FOR 508 Forensic Analysis (GCFA) (ITE515 CSU Credit Only subject) (Nov 14 FOR 508)

SEC 504 Incident Response (Nov 15 SEC504)

These will be held over 10 weekly sessions and I will also be available to answer other questions as well.

You can use code "SecOrg" to receive a 10% discount.
Dinner will be provided each week for those coming here.

All the best,