Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Call for Adjunct Research Supervisors

Adjunct Doctoral Supervisors

- Part time, after hours
- Industry based
- Multiple Volunteer positions available

Company Background & Job Purpose

With over 1,000 IT professionals currently enrolled, Charles Sturt University is one of Australia's largest providers of Postgraduate Information Technology education to Australian students.

Charles Sturt University has developed an innovative Doctor of Information Technology which extends knowledge of the discipline of Information Technology and develops the attributes required to successfully identify, investigate and resolve problems confronting these fields. Students carry out research into a current opportunity or problem confronting information and communication technology, and present the findings in a thesis or portfolio. Students studying the Doctor of Information Technology will generally be working full time in the IT industry, and developing their Doctoral thesis after hours ( refers)

We are seeking part time, industry-based volunteers to assist in supervising Doctoral students conducting research in a wide range of Information Technology topics. As an Adjunct Supervisor, you will work with the principal supervisor at Charles Sturt University and provide expert technical input into the topic being researched. This supervision will include after hours, Webinar-based virtual meetings between you and the student and/or the principal supervisor.

Successful applicants will:

- be appointed as Adjunct Supervisor at Charles Sturt University.
- get the opportunity to network with an elite group of supervisors at the University and in the IT industry.
- gain access to a range of University services such as the online research library.

Training on the technical, ethical, administrative and professional aspects of supervision will be provided.

Key Result Areas:

Charles Sturt University's Doctor of Information Technology provides a complex and challenging research experience and, at its heart, is the key educational role of the supervisor. As a supervisor, your Key Performance Indicators will reflect the crucial role that you play including:
- that you are holding regular, Webinar-based virtual meetings with the student that you are supervising and that these meetings are well planned and have an agenda
- that you are providing the required monthly reporting on the progress of the student that you are supervising, including seeing that agreed targets for the submission of chapters or parts of the project are being met.
- that the student you are supervising believes that you are supplying the required level of support, encouragement, advice and guidance
- that you successfully complete the Charles Sturt University supervisor training program

Completion of a PhD, Doctorate, Research-based Master's degree or equivalent experience in the commercial research industry (preferred).

Extensive experience in the IT industry (essential).

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