Saturday, 22 October 2011


There will be materials up this year, but the main seeds will start in the new year. What we are going to do is to have the basics covered. Free, instructor lead and more.

I will be seeding what I hope to grow into a cloud based training platform in the new year. The idea is to have a pathway and materials to train MANY people. I will be donating all I have written as a seed and more.

I will have at least 12 complete courses a year. With the help of others, more. These will have audio, video and tutorials. In time, I want to have a platform where a junior analyst can ask how and get an answer, step by step with video on a tablet.

I will be requiring that those who do the training give back. They will create videos and write tutorials. These will be used as materials with the best being selected for ongoing training. The basic training will lead into research. I will detail this later. I am working to make this a lead into a doctoral program.

These courses are:

  • Pen Testing (multiple levels)
  • Digital Forensics (multiple levels)
  • CISSP primer (general security)
  • IT Law
  • Risk Management
  • Reverse Engineering (in development and a Beta is planned to start in Nov)

I am also working on the following (next year all of these will be written soon):

  • Secure C coding (beginner and advanced)
  • Coding algorithms
  • Secure C++ coding (beginner and advanced)
  • Secure C# coding (beginner and advanced)
  • Secure Java coding (beginner and advanced)
  • Python for Ethical Hackers
  • Exploit development
  • Malware Engineering
  • LAMP Security
  • Windows Security
  • Cloud Security

There will also be several short courses (1-2 or 3 days) on:

  • IPv6 Security
  • Mobile forensics
  • Linux Security
  • Windows Security Issues
  • MySQL security
  • Database auditing
  • Systems Audit
  • SCADA security
  • Risk
  • I will be starting at simple materials and low level introductory courses and working to advanced. Right now, this is about training as many people as fast as possible.
              This WILL grow. In time, I want to have a community model where we all work to add more.
              I shall also be adding web based certification guides in the coming year. PLEASE let me know what is wanted first. I have managed to collect a large volume of certifications, but I do not know what most people need. So, you tell me, I will create.
                This is the start, more will follow soon. In the coming week, I will be starting a forum for this and we will create a more secure world through better education and training.


              Elhoim said...

              Thanks for starting such an ambitious and generous project!

              If you need help, i would gladly give a hand.
              Don't hesitate to contact me!

              Dr Craig S Wright GSE said...

              Thank you, I will need ALL the help I can get. My time as much as I try and avoid is limited. I still require sleep and time for other things and even if I was to have 24 hours a day, it is simply insufficient.

              From the post to come this morning you will see more of why.

              In coming weeks I will start to formulate the how and what.

              Elhoim said...

              Just an idea while passing by, maybe start some kind of wiki (with manual approval of new users to avoid spam), to expose your ideas and plans for the future.

              I tried to search a bit in the archives of your blog to find more information about that project of yours, but i did not succeed.

              A fellow who has been doing quite well with creating content and sharing is Vivek Ramachandran from the securityTube fame.
              Some interactions/collaborations should be possible.

              Dr Craig S Wright GSE said...

              I am chairing a conference this week. As soon as it is done I will chase you up. I have some ideas on hosting, but the more people get involved the better (and I am sure that there are better places/ways than I have currently in mind).