Tuesday, 27 September 2011

What I am doing

"Do you have a free course offering, new mailing list, free labor available, etc. to help those of us already in the trenches fighting this battle?"

Well actually several.

Please do talk. I am talking at BoM today/Tomorrow on IPv6 security issues. I was in Canberra a week before last and training in Sydney last week. I have free webinars that provide CPE hours weekly.

So Ali, right now, I donate 25% of my time in training and I would do more if I could.

I do not want the keg, but a nice bottle of wine would be fine. It is nearly the end of September and I have provided free training to 140 people this quarter. So please, contact me. I am not kidding. This is a real offer.

Soon there will be even more help. More training. Right now, I am one man and I have restraints, but I am putting programs together that in the coming months will make more training available.

So Ali, are you willing to take up the offer, more, are you willing to do something yourself to help?

I offer this openly to many groups.

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