Thursday, 4 August 2011

We are coming into a new era and we are just not ready for it.

I predict botnets of 100 million plus compromised hosts this decade. When this starts to be the norm, there will not be much more for crime, terror and espionage groups to get. They will have to lock each other out of the hosts they have compromised and they will start to find that systems are either secured with extrusion controls and more or that these hosts have already been compromised.

As there will be a point where they cannot get to compromise more hosts, crime groups and espionage (state based groups) are going to start competing and attacking one another.

When the available systems that can be compromised start to run low, that is, the groups control and maintain their botnets to the exclusion of other botnets, this is when things are going to start to become interesting.

We are looking at botnets of state and criminal groups competing. When this happens, it will be the average person and company who is caught in the middle.

It is not great new toys that will save us, but as always, the basics, the fundimentals, the things we are teaching less and less.

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