Saturday, 13 August 2011

System Baselining

In the coming weeks, I will be providing a few simple methods to baseline your network at a high level. Nearly all external attacks and many internal ones will be initially based on the exploit of a network service. Knowing the systems and services running over the network will greatly aid in securing the organization.

Breaking this process into manageable sections is the key to successfully completing it. Each stage of the overall process of creating a secure and compliance network is then “projectized” into controllable chunks.

You may have guess from my collection of their certifications that I like the SANS model. The SANS audit strategy is defined using the following steps:

1. Determine Areas of Responsibility
2. Research Vulnerabilities and Risks
3. Secure the Perimeter
4. Secure the DMZ and critical systems
5. Eliminate Externally Accessible Vulnerabilities
6. Eliminate Internally Accessible Vulnerabilities
7. Search for Malware

These stages allow the organization to move from the outside in. Starting at the perimeter, the organization can test and provide a deeper level of defense of its systems in the most effective manner, locking external attacks out and reducing noise as the testing proceeds.

With the many other areas we will touch on, in coming weeks we will look at  a phased approach to securing your network and systems.

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