Sunday, 27 March 2011


Integyrs Pty Ltd was a company I started.

It is now going into receivership. Why? As small minded people from the Australian Tax office see that it has no value.

The IP is to do with Risk, algorithmic analysis, crypto and more. I helped design the world's first on-line casino and more, but hey, they fail to understand.

So, as the IP is worth nothing, I will give them nothing.

Dave K and a few people I know from Playboy Gaming are setting up a trust. We move this overseas and we will make it work.

Bitcoin has value. It is not a hobby.

It sells for $5,000 now. Let us see just how much they cry when it is valued in 2020.

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Craig Wright said...

As a PS....
I won the case in the AAT in Dec 2012 - damn ATO.