Thursday, 3 February 2011

Government does not drive dynamic activity. Anything it does slows it.

Governments cannot take into account wide scale effects. Ask why central planning always fails? No person, department or other body can predict the course that society will go and even when it is marshaled, it still ends up being unpredictable.
A market outcome IS the view of society.

People VOTE with their dollars. They buy what they want. This idea that a few paternalistic people in government can determine and know what is best for society, i.e. the entire population is simply foolish.

The market IS society. A few public servants is NOT society and will never have a clue about society.

Central planning does not work. It is a failed experiment that pops its zombie head up time and time again.

Then again, those in this position do not want to lose this position, so as far as incentives go, those in government have strong incentives to ensure that government and all its cock-ups continue unabated.

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