Sunday, 30 January 2011

Why US airlines are losing money and loyalty

For the third time in a row, I have a business class seat that is broken. It does not work. It will not return to the upright position etc etc. I am flying United, I do not really want to fly United ever again. I have not had ANY problems with any other airline in the last 12 months (and I have flown on developing country carries such as LAN from Chile and Air China and Copas etc). I have managed to have an issue with United on at least one leg of EVERY return flight in the last year. That is four business return trips and a perfect record of four cockups.

They have many options, an apology card is the biggest cop out that they could have done to fulfill these options and maintain a happy customer.

There are seats in first. If you want an apology, move the customer to a seat that works. If there are no business seats working and there are empty first class seats, use them. There is no lost cost. There will not be any more people joining mid-flight. No wonder the US airline industry is struggling, they have no clue. Treat premium service customers as if they matter and they become loyal, treat them as if they are an inconvenience and you lose them.

It is not wonder that the US Airlines are losing market share. They need to learn to treat customers as if they want them. This lack of care and respect is abysmal.
Well let us hope that the foreign carriers replace them and bankrupt them and we can have a decent level of service.

Try to avoid flying United Airlines. I will.

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