Monday, 24 January 2011

Internet in the air

I am sitting on a plane as I type this in flight some place between SFO (San Francisco) and JFK (New York). I am not flying economy as this is a work trip and I have laptops and other things sprawled all over the place in my mobile office structure. Having power in business and first was always a turn on for me and a justification as I can generally pay for the cost of the flight in billable hours as well as arriving relaxed.

This is not of course an advertisement for premium service flights, but rather a post about the other aspects of flight with laptops these days.

That is Internet access.

I have another 4 hours before I have to turn my laptop off. I love the wireless internet access you can get in flight right now as I am sitting here at 30,000 feet. I mean this is really marvelous when you think of it. I have 4 companies, 2 of which are in the stages where they are in need of constant attention and I can be there 24x7 even as I fly now. I only have the small sections for take-off and landing where I have to be internet deprived. As a work-a-holic, the ability to stay connected from 3G on the parts of my travel and manage and monitor client needs and staff is absolutely tremendous.

I have Netstumbler on my laptop, just collecting passively. I do not have the Kismet one running now. There is another laptop here and I see a paper on the security of inflight services - the GOGO service is unsecured. Not even WEP. So for the work critical things I use the Citrix gateway and allow those who want to see my browsing to unsecured sites to collect away.

The shame I see in all this is that these wireless hotspots on planes are even less secure than the ones on the ground. With more and more executives starting to use these services, this is going to be more of an issue as time passes. I see C-level staff using this now and in time more and more use from high-level employees will occur.

Think of all that leaked data. For the right people, it would almost seem profitable to hop a plane and extrude data in flight.

Lots to add to the list of things to secure…

God I love technology!

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