Sunday, 30 January 2011



AGAIN I am here in a broken seat in business and I am given a crap apology card. How about MOVING ME to a seat that works?

Do not have one?
Well there are spares in first. United made the stuff up. They should show a little initiative and fix it. The cost to move me, nothing. I am already on the flight. The cost of not, another pissed off former customer who will make it a goal to bad mouth this company for the next year.

When you sell a premium service, you need to treat customers as if you actually give a shit.

Having flown on United way to many times, I can say they do not really care for their customers. Lip service is as good as it gets and that really fails to make the grade as well.

I have to say, I have managed to get better service from Air China, Air India, Air Peru, Air Chili (LAN) etc. All these supposedly lesser airlines have managed to provide a decent level of services where UNITED have FAILED.

So my recommendation, avoid United airlines like you would avoid a syphilitic leper with the plague.


Anonymous said...

Completely Agree! Not only is United Airlines unwilling to recognize the needs of their "valued" customers, they continue to implement shifty policies in order to increase cash profits by fooling the customer. For example, an economy seat on United is half the size in comparison to other airlines, but they will offer their "Economy Plus" (same size as other airlines) for only $150 extra! Moreover, you are charged an additional $200 if your piece of luggage exceeds a mere 50 pounds! Did I mention the $70 for a second piece of checked luggage? Obvious lack of consideration for their customers everwhere in their airlines makes United the last airlines to consider flying.

Anonymous said...

I'm stuck here in Fort Lauderdale Airport waiting for a piece of airplane to travel to Bahamas and enjoy my vacations. I would say United CEO is on vacation the whole year and not waiting a delay of three hours to fly. United is not the airlines you want to fly with. Costumer service is really below the average.