Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Obrien Test

O’Brien (1978) proposed the use of an alternate Jacknife procedure. This procedure computes a set of pseudo-values clip_image002which are defined by:

clip_image004 (F 2.22)

The O’Brien test statistic (clip_image006) is used to test the null hypothesis (F 2.1) based on a one-way ANOVA F-value based on clip_image002[1]. Thus the O’Brien test statistic is given by the formula:

clip_image008 (F 2.23)

The null hypothesis (F 2.1) is rejected were the clip_image006[1] statistic exceeds the clip_image010percentile of an F-distribution with (K-1) and (n-K) degrees of freedom. Other variations of the Miller Jacknife procedure have also been proposed (Sharma, 1991).

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