Thursday, 3 September 2009

Unix Load

In Linux, determining load is simple.

Two simple commands to get a load summary include:
The command w(ho) provides a snapshot by user of who is logged into the system. Here I am being naughty and am running this snapshot as 'root'. Ideally, I should be logging in as my account and using this to run the command (with sudo to escalate privileges).

'w' provides a user-by-user snaphot of the *NIX system load.

And next:
Uptime gives a summary of the load over time (3 points) and the system uptime.

If you really want to know, the answer is top.
Top is a command line display of the 'top' processes using the system resources on a *NIX system. The output, update rate and many other features are configurable from the commandline which can be instigated as simply as entering 'ntop'.

In addition, there is 'ps'. But this can wait for another time.

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