Sunday, 22 March 2009

More in a few days

Now that Information Defense is up and running and showing a decent return on investment (and positive NPV), I also plan on a second company.

The plan is to divide my time between 4 activities:

  1. Information Defense (Incident Handling and Forensics)
  2. New Company (Algorithmic Coding and security code reviews)
  3. Study and Academe
  4. Certification maintenance
I have given up on reducing certifications, but I have a plan to limit these. I am going to do the GSE (the last of the 3 of which I have 2) later this year and 2 other certifications. I also plan on writing 2-3 GIAC gold papers a year. This sets my certification and hands on technical training plan.

For more formalized study, I will be continuing the existing courses and following what I am doing. I will complete the MSysDev (an IT masters degree in System Development) I have started next year. I complete my Masters degree in Statistics when I FINALLY submit my dissertation in a few weeks. Once this is out of the way, I will start the PhD I planned (on the quatification of IS risk). I have already started some of the planning and experiments for this. Then in about 20 months I will do the CSU Masters degree in database design and developoment. The Masters degree in Digital Forensics I have been helping to develop is set to be launched at AusCert later this year with intake in 2010. So this all ready.

As for Info Defense. We have suffient clients to make it a profitable venture already. I have 2 partnerships and all is peopled to where it needs to be.

Finally, I have to think of the new company name. The idea is to write small secure and fast mathematical code libraries and sell these.

Well back mto work.

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