Monday, 2 March 2009

Building Systems

Going back to managing systems has been a real education. You forget what things are like as a trainer and a manager. In the last 4 weeks I have configured 17 of a total 32 systems I am building. Some of these are Windows 2008 and others are a combination of Solaris, Red Hat and Suse Linux.

The plan was to go completely to Windows 2008, but ISA server let me down. It runs on 2003 and the new version is beta.

Oh Well.

Add to this 8 client systems and we are done (yes I have a strange network with 4 to 1 servers to clients, but then I manage systems for others).

My first clients are going well. I had forgotten the volume of work required to manage a system, at least before you script and automate a good deal of it.

So back to it...

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