Saturday, 23 August 2008

Gripe of the day

Lynksys (or better LinkSUX) products are today's biggest waste of money. Adding "features" that make them only want to operate fully with other Lynksys products shows the ignorance of the development and marketing team. The simple features are MINDLESS marketing crud.

What matters is TIME. Customer time is the biggest scarsity in this economically driven world. Thanks Cisco for wasting it!

In particular - the last Lynksux product I shall even buy and own, a wireless extender. Configuration works find - as long as the device has NO security settings. Add the supposedly supported WPA2 settings and it fails to see the AP.

They have an ethernet port which would make config simple, but yet they have a cruddy wireless setup from Windows. Nothing at all for people on Linux. Autoconfig is useless. There is no way to connect directly to it.

As I stated, this is a mindlessly poorly configured device.

Cisco has my money from it this time for $105, but this is the last money they will get for a LinkSUX and in fact adds to recomending Juniper in routers/switches in the future just from spite.

Well I tried it. Last time for everything.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Packet Injection and Replay

Netcat can be used to replay packets (and I will detail this in the next post). First, I will look at an easier way of doing this. As such, I have listed a small set of replay (and capture/crafting) tools.

York (Windows)
York is a simple Windows based network capture tool. It has the capability to save in a pcap format as well as being able to replay previously saved pcap files.

There are many other (and better) capture tools, but York is one of the simplest.

You can download York from:

Nemesis - A packet injection tool
Nemesis is another tool that allows for packet crafting and injection. The main benifit of Nemisis is that it can be used to construct packets. It supports several protocols and is highly configurable. You can use it to add a payload and send the crafted packet to a remote system. Great for protocol fuzzing.

Download it from:

The Windows version requires WinPcap. Both Packet.dll and wpcap.dll should be installed on your system.

Hping3 - packet injection tool
Hping is THE tool for probing networks and injecting packets. For Pen testing with the crafting of an exploit packet, or in protocol fuzzing, HPing is my personal choice.

You can download the latest version of hping source code from

To install it, you need to compile it for your system. First change the file "libpcap_stuff.c" by modifying the line:
The process is a standard make from here:
#make install

TCPRelay - Packet Replay
tcpreplay provides the capability to replay packets (for replay attacks in Pen Tests, Fuzzing with a saved packet etc).

You can download tcpreplay from:

You need to have libnet version 1.1 or higher installed first.
"Libnet is a high-level API (toolkit) allowing the application programmer toconstruct and inject network packets."

Thursday, 21 August 2008

World's Worst Phone

I have an O2

My advice - DO NOT GET ONE.