Tuesday, 2 December 2008

WOW people see public information!

Today there is an uproar in the Australian "Financial Review" titled "Click goes your identity as thieves perfect online scam". This is clearly FUD. Ignorance at its most block headedness.

This is based on a fake Linkedin invite from "Mr James Packer". It was clearly fake as the invite used PBL as the company when Packer had already left.

My view, it was either a test or a recruiter. Either way, I do not refuse many invites. The information is entirely public as far as I am concerned. Between my blogs and other sources, it is there for the taking. So why the uproar. Ignorance. There is a big difference between private and public information. That which is private does not go near the cloud. That which is public is open.

As for the reams of commercially sensitive information - it is there already. There are many "LION" open linkers who have 10's of thousands of connections. So where is the difference.

The treasure troves of information is in effect an online CV. As a consultant I hand mine around with abandon, so I still fail to see the point. Nothing on the site garnishes you with a Credit Card. There is too little information to forge a loan.

Besides, searching will gather about all you could hope to find anyway. A combination of Google and Linkedin gets you all the same information - but without alerting the other person.

Get a clue and stop the FUD.

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