Tuesday, 2 December 2008

What am I up to?

At the moment I am working on a number of things. I am working on a few GIAC Certifications.

I have signed up for the CSSP-C and GCMP exams. On top of this I am renewing my GCFA certification (it is coming up on 4 years soon).

These are the following:

  • GSSP-C - GIAC Secure Software Programmer - C
  • GCMP - GIAC Certified Project Manager Certification
  • GCFA - GIAC Certified Forensics Analyst
I have completed a PMP course and done a post graduate level project management course, so I do not think I shall need to do more than a little refresher for the GCMP. The GCFA is a part of my daily forensic work, so no issues there - besides, I just had to do all of this for the GSE-Malware exam a few weeks ago, so it is still fresh.

The GSSP-C is a little more work. I have been reviewing "The CERT C Secure Coding Standard" by Robert Seacord (Addison-Wesley, October 2008.). This is an excellent book if a little dry. It is not the easiest read and packs a lot into its covers.

I am starting another masters degree (as I have posted) soon. I would like to sit the secure coding exam in C before I start with a course that is primarily focused on C#. I also plan to sit the GSSP-J secure Java coding exam in 2009.

On top of this, I have my GCUX Gold paper to complete before the end of the year. It is on the way, but messy at the moment. I have the 100 Unix commands, but there is a great deal more I would like to add.

On top of this I present my (and the other's *) paper on disk wipes and recovery at ICISS08 in a couple weeks.

Well, back to the millstone.

* The paper and the others are "Overwriting Hard Drive Data: The Great Wiping Controversy" by Craig Wright, Dave Kleiman and Shyaam Sundhar R.S..

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