Sunday, 30 November 2008

Masters of System Development

I have completed my Masters of Information Systems Security at Charles Stuart University last week. This was my 3rd Masters Degree with CSU (which is a fraction of the total). I am starting my 4th in January 2009 and have been running through a CBTs on C# this weekend.

I am starting the Masters in Systems Development next. I have Java, PhP, Perl, Assembly, C and C++ language experience, but have not done a great deal with C#. I have the SANS GNET certification and some knowledge of .Net, so this is a beginning.

Being that I have already taken many of the compulsary subjects, I have an unusual collection of subjects for the degree. These are:

University Subjects

Industry Subjects
  • ITI530 Application Development Fundamentals
  • ITE501 Windows Forms Application Development
  • ITE502 ASP.NET Application Development
  • ITE503 ADO.NET Application Development
  • ITE504 Windows Communication Foundation Application Development
  • ITE505 Enterprise Applications Development
My main focus will be around the material in ITC 584. This is in machine learning.

ITC584 Machine Learning

Machines "learn" by retaining facts with meaningful links between them. This subject explores current approaches to machines acquiring, storing, linking and using facts.

I have approached this from the Statistical side of the equation, now I wish to learn from the data and computing side of the equation. Though both are related, it is of interest to see the different approaches to the same issues and problems.

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