Thursday, 27 November 2008

Consider sitting a GSE

I have just had my GIAC Certified Intrusion Analyst (GCIA) Gold paper accepted. This is a paper on DNS Security issues that remain to plague us all. I shall link this when it is formally available in the preceding days.

This is the paper I wanted to complete before I sit my GSE exam next year. I have the GSE-Malware and the GSE-Compliance, but I wish to obtain the final of the three. I am still the only person with the Compliance stream GSE, so I WOULD lobve to see another person sit and pass this.

For GSE, the certificatuions that SANS/GIAC offer that are required are the GSEC, GCIA, and GCIH with 2 of 3 gold. I now have completed a Gold paper for all three of these certifications.

The GSE [GIAC Security Expert] certification is well worth considering and I heartily recomend it to anybody in the IT security field.

Now to completing my GCUX paper: "100 UNIX Commands"

100 UNIX commands to issue on other people's systems. This paper will analyse and present the top 100 commands in Unix/Linux that an attacker (and most crucially, a security tester) can use. These will range from commands to gain access to a system or extend access, to altering logs and other files (including the kernel) and to monitoring what is going on. The paper will also provide scripting techniques and examples based on these commands to provide the basics needed by any budding *NIX security professional.

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