Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Who ever said white wine does not age well.

Who ever said that white wines do not age is sorely mistaken. I opened and consumed a bottle of 1970 Chablis (Lindeman) tonight. There is hardly any of this left (world wide) and it will be sorely missed when it is gone (but then I have a little under 2 cases remaining).

This is a spectacular wine. Whenever I think that it must be approaching its peak, I am happily proven wrong.
This wine was the most successful wine to appear on the Australian Wine Show Circuit - until it was finally retired. The wine is a rich golden colour full of butterscotch, a fine aroma and a lingering aftertaste.
The Reidel glassware came out for this. No standard tasting glasses, this wine deserves to be treated well. This wine is a cultured lady. Like all women of culture and breeding, she has only inproved as she has aged.

There is a reason this has become a cult wine. With Handel's 1st Movement for Piano, a marvelous combination.

Tonight there is one less 1970 LINDEMANS Bin 3875 Hunter River Chablis in the world. Next week there will be one less 1990 Chateau Margaux Margaux.

This wine was a toss of the coin against a 1937 Lupe Cholet, Nuits Saint Georges I had a number of years back, but I had three of those whereas I still have over a case (and nearly 2) of the 1970 chablis.

Each of these wines where also enjoyed in the past with our current opposition leader, Dr. Brendan Nelson and his lovely wife. We had them over to a dinner in 1999 where we served both of these wines. In fact we also opened a bottle of 1947 Château Siran, a 1978 Château Lafite Rothchild, a 1990 Château Latour and a 1963 Croft fortified. This evening was completed with a Remy Martin champagne cognac.

If you ever have the chance to taste a sip of Remy Martin Cognac the Black Pearl Louis Xiii, I recomend this. This was the best cognac I have ever tried.

Dr. Nelson was also party to the same wines at my 30'th in 2000.

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