Thursday, 11 September 2008

Posting will be slow

I have just sat and passed my GSE-Malware exam 1. Next I have the lab in Las Vegas in a couple weeks.

DD and the other tools will continue, but as I am leaving for the US in 48 hours, there will be a level of delay to my posts for the next 3 weeks. I shall also be studying for the GSM hands on exam. So forgive me, but posts will be delayed.

For those in Las Vegas at NS 2008, I am presenting on DNS insecurity and in particular in statistical fingerprinting methods.

My 3 weeks are set as follows week by week:

  1. IT Security World
  2. Vacation and GSE-Malware study
  3. SANS NS 2008

At IT Security World I am presenting at two sessions. I have a presentation on Document Retention and another on International Security Management. Conference details are available here. The sessions are:

  • IT9 - Managing Security in a Global Company
  • IT12 - Record and Document Destruction in a Global World

I have a number of posts that are due to be loaded in the SANS Forensics Blog. Feel free to read these and I shall update as I can over the next few weeks.


cmlh said...


I will be in Las Vegas on the morning of the 29 September until the night of the 5 October between presenting at ToorCon X and SecTor.

My travel schedule is at

dp said...


Congrats on passing the exam and best luck with the lab. I hope I can join you in that designation one day.

I'll be in Vegas the first weekend of October for training at NS 2008. Perhaps I'll run into you.

Good luck again.