Tuesday, 26 August 2008


Tonight I am not studying (in the general sense). This is a change for me.

I have a bottle of wine (a bottle of well aged Penfolds Cabernet Sauvignon (1995 vintage). How to put it, Plum red. with a nose of tobacco leaf, cedar and capsicum. A light vanilla with a slight aftertaste. The tannins are mild and it is drinking well now. I do not see much more time for this wine. It is at to just past its peak and needs to be drunk now).

I have a mixed vegetable lassangne with a rich capisum sauce and nutmeg bechmel.

I have Handel's Messiah sung by the Oxford New College Choir. I listened to George Frideric Handel prior to this with the piece Rinaldo. This is to be followed by Dave Brubeck's album, "Jazz: Red Hot and Cool". Later, Frank Sinatra's album - In The Wee Small Hours.

Later tonight I leave the computer to download Java Security courses, my latest SANS courses and MP3s and a number of books I have purchased online. Later I will watch a movie - Ruins (2007) that I purchased today to watch on the screen with my wife.

Once in a while even I have a break from study and writing.

Tomorrow - back to the DNS paper, my statistics dissertation and work. I have a cryptocurrency paper out soon. Twenty years. Triple entry book keeping. BDO was good for something.

Tomorrow, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Which piece, well that is still undecided.

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