Saturday, 23 August 2008

Gripe of the day

Lynksys (or better LinkSUX) products are today's biggest waste of money. Adding "features" that make them only want to operate fully with other Lynksys products shows the ignorance of the development and marketing team. The simple features are MINDLESS marketing crud.

What matters is TIME. Customer time is the biggest scarsity in this economically driven world. Thanks Cisco for wasting it!

In particular - the last Lynksux product I shall even buy and own, a wireless extender. Configuration works find - as long as the device has NO security settings. Add the supposedly supported WPA2 settings and it fails to see the AP.

They have an ethernet port which would make config simple, but yet they have a cruddy wireless setup from Windows. Nothing at all for people on Linux. Autoconfig is useless. There is no way to connect directly to it.

As I stated, this is a mindlessly poorly configured device.

Cisco has my money from it this time for $105, but this is the last money they will get for a LinkSUX and in fact adds to recomending Juniper in routers/switches in the future just from spite.

Well I tried it. Last time for everything.

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