Sunday, 27 July 2008

Equipment-specific and Site Licenses

Licensing can be assigned in a variety of ways including:

  • Being restricted to use by a single user or individual,
  • A site (real or virtual), or
  • A combination of the client and the site.
An instance of such a restriction would be a grant of license allowing the use of a product for a named company that can operate the software from a single named site. Some of the common inclusions that can be found in a licensing agreement include:
  1. Definitions of the organization or the physical/logical site,
  2. Whether the license is for networked use and how many concurrent users can access the product at a single time, and
  3. How long the license grant is valid for.
Using a license outside the terms of the agreement is in effect using an unlicensed product. This leaves the organization liable for any damages in the same manner as if they used pirated software.

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