Thursday, 3 July 2008

Actors who define the Internet

Primary Malfeasors
The primary malfeasors that impact internet content or service providers are those who proffer or obtain illicit material across the Internet. This material ranges from breaches of copyright, objectionable content, child pornography, unlicensed gambling, and trademark dilution or infringement as well as a number of less common offences including as money laundering and terrorism. Most countries have strict licensing requirements for gambling sites if they allow this activity at all. A website can offer its services to any nation if it so chooses. As such, an online casino could be setup to solicit clients from other jurisdictions that do not allow online gambling (such as the USA).

In other cases, the provision may be legal in its own jurisdiction (such as the offering of “hard-core” pornography in Denmark) but breach the laws where it is being accessed. An individual that introduces malware into the Internet is also placing content onto the systems that compromise the Internet. This is an action that could threaten many other people and organisations. As many SCADA[i] systems are connected to networks, an Internet worm could have the impact of affecting the physical world.

[i] Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition. These are systems that are used by many critical services, including power and emergency services.

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