Wednesday, 7 May 2008

QA and Patching

System administrators are often reluctant to apply patches when first released. One of the major for this hesitation stems directly from the large number of reissued patches. Due to past (and occasionally still present) failures to adequately test software, system patches have been known to introduce more problems than they fix.

It is often also the case that vendor software which provides a fix for their software could adversely impact other than the products. As a result, an administrator has to go through test or development stages followed by a quality assurance or QA phase prior to introducing the patch into a production environment.

Failure to adhere to this process from the system development life cycle (SDLC) process creates additional risk and unpredictability and software and solutions. As the number of systems and sites that follow an SDLC based regime is minimal, most systems administrators fear and avoid catching systems.

Even in an environment where the system administrator wants to implement a test and QA environment, management are often loathe to provide the necessary funding.

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