Tuesday, 20 May 2008

LLM Done and Dusted

Started a Post Grad Diploma in Law and followed this last year with an honors Masters degree.
My area of study was based around:

  • Competition Law (Anti-Trust and merger law)
  • E-Commerce Law (Internet law)
  • Commercial Law (Banking Law)
  • The Law of International Trade
  • International Trade Finance Law
I followed these studies with a dissertation on "Internet Intermediary Liability" with a focus on the impact of International law (not just IT law, but tortuous effects and regulatory compliance) as it impact companies that deal using the Internet (from simple email to full eccommerce sites).

In this process I have received 2 awards for my legal papers associated with the path towards the final dissertation. One of these was published by the British Computer Society (Risk Journal) and others have been included with sources such as the IIA. I have been asked to present one of these papers at IT Security World 2008 in San Fran Cisco. This is an international IT Security Conference that draws 20000-30000 attendees. I am being marketed as a "featured speaker".

My dissertation covered the convergence of International laws and looked at:
  • Australian Law (and some NZ Law)
  • Canadian Law
  • US Law
  • UK Law
  • ECC Law
The official results where released by the University (Northumbria in Newcastle, UK).
I was awarded my honors LLM (Masters in Law) degree with commendation.

I shall be starting a PhD in Economics/Law later this year looking at the risk effects and costs of regulation. This is a combination of the negative and positive effects.

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