Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Defamation and the difficulties of law on the Internet.

This post goes to those cowards who sit behind anonymity on the web and cast doubt and aspersions about people whilst hiding. I note that most defamatory comments are anonymous. Cowards!

An anonymous poster stated that there are doubts with my qualifications. Anonymity is the shield of cowards, it is the cover used to defend their lies. My life is open and I have little care for my privacy - so in my case this is an easy charge to defend.

This is the daftest and easiest to contest. or go to type in "Craig Wright" It is not difficult to check.

As I am the ONLY GSE-Compliance (verify if you like) it is an EASY validation.
I do not use it on my title - long enough, but I am a SANS/GIAC Technical Director as well. This is harder to check, but email Stephen Northcutt if you like.

I have about 25 GIAC Certs - so please pick on them all you like.

I do not know the process to validate with ISACA. However I have a CISA and CISM.

My ISACA ID is 187312

  • CISA No. 0542911
  • CISM No. 0300803


I am CISSP/ISSMP/ISSAP # 47304. This is also easy to check on the ISC2 site. (Though I have misspelled my home address with Lasarow - not Lisarow Doh).


I am a CCE - see the site for verification.


I also have a writeup on:;1151410747;fp;32768;fpid;597320227

My CSU (Charles Stuart University) student number is 11293457 (and was as I am on my 3rd masters and starting Psych) I have a Masters Degree in Management, but I try not to be too pointy haired. I also have IT degrees from here as well.

Yes - a small University, but accredited all the same.

May be it is my Statistics study at the University of Newcastle.

Student No. 3047661.

Newcastle is considered one of Australia's primary research universities.

I have just completed my LLM (International Commercial Law) with the submission of my dissertation on "Internet Intermediary Liability". This was with the University of Northumbria (UK). Student Number: 05024288

There are others, but these are the latest 3 Universities where I have been doing the last 5 post graduate degrees in my collection.

Am I to admit that my Associate degree in Science saw more drinking then study? Well this is true, I drank like a fish and turned up drunk to a couple exams. I just passed them - but there is the point. I also do not use these any longer as with several post graduate degrees - who cases what I did at the undergrad level?

Church and Religion

Or is the "bitch" that I am a member of the Uniting Church (and a trustee of the church) and also have qualifications in religion? Does being a casual pastor and planned deacon make it such that my IT degrees means less?



Dropping Out

Maybe the issue is that I dropped out of my first degrees? In 1989 I started a B.Eng/BSci double degree. I dropped out of the University of Queensland in 1992 (after my 3rd year). I have a reason for this. I had cancer. I thought that it was better to go back to my studies after I knew I would live. Sorry, but we all have priorities.

Being that I returned to University when I knew I would live, I do not have an issue with this. I dropped out. What of it? I also went back.

I am a member of the IEEE, AIMS (Associate Fellow), ACM (1842188) and MANY other things.

I do not watch TV. I study, write and work with the church. To those cowards who want to challenge my qualifications - come forward and do it!


Have I paid all my University bills on time? No. As you can see I was late on some. They are all paid as at the moment (and I owe nothing to UNN - all complete all paid). I owe UNN no more. I was up to my 3rd notice a couple time true, but I spend $35,000-65,000 on education and training EACH year/Every Year.

A final Note

I have several overlaps in my qualifications. I am doing several degrees at once. I am enrolled in the University of Newcastle, CSU and completing my LLM at UNN all at the same time. I know this is unusual, but I do multiple degrees at the same time.

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Craig S Wright said...

As a Post Script.
I am a "pompous, arrogant and an all around annoying bastard".

This I do not disavow.