Sunday, 10 February 2008

Wet, Wet, Wet ...

A wet weekend. But the garden likes it.
The last of the summer flowers are in bloom.
Including pumpkin flowers from the vine that is taking over.And as you can see, taking over is what the vegetables are doing...But they are growing.And growing...

And are adding colour.
And not only add context, but also sooth the mind.
They also keep the "pests" happy. The secret is to grow more then you need. This way all have enough. That is the insects and ourselves. A small backyard garden on 20 square meters is more then enough for a family.

By supporting the ecosystem in balance, the results are there for all. Rather then going to extremes, a combination of methods works best.
This is using our minds to produce the maximum Benifits. By mixing limited pesticide use with low toxicity at selected times, all benifit. In this way, the local wildlife such as birds and blue toungue lizards take away the excess and create an equilibrium.
Well I have to fly. I have a parish council meeting in 90 minutes or so to get ready for.

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