Wednesday, 27 February 2008

The latest Insecurity and NON-Compliance Statistics

My current tally on audits is 1761 audits for 363 organisations over 22 years (I am a statistician as well as auditor). Of these audits I have the following statistics (from large companies such as News Ltd, financial organisations, credit unions, a stock exchange, government depts. and even the to smaller firms).

_______________No. Audits __No. Organisations
Compliant with ALL
Provisions of
the law ________________54____________7_______

Compliant with ALL
Tortious and Contractual
requirements ___________32____________ 1 ______
(and I will not say who it is *)

Compliant with ALL
Provisions _____________45 ____________2 ______

The few (less then 0.1%) who made any way towards being compliant achieved this by breaking down the scope and not trying to overlap.

In fact, the worst cases are those that try to "simplify" things doing them all at once.

And the laws on evidence are that you need to hold all business records that MAY in some future point (say 6 years in the future) possibly be subject to a filing. That is not only existing legal action, but potential action.

* By stating the one who was compliance I also in effect remove all doubt as to those who are not.

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