Wednesday, 20 February 2008

ISPs to take the brunt

The Rudd government is considering lat bill designed to thwart piracy. The legislation aims to implement a three-strikes system similar to the one anticipated to be passed the UK. In Australia, the government has already tried to censor the internet. The three-strikes policy began in France late last year. Unlike France however, Australian users are not going to receive any sweeteners for forfeiting their privacy rights such as the DRM-free archives or faster DVD releases that are being offered in France.

The actions would entail Internet users that are caught distributing copyrighted files to receive an e-mailed warning from their ISPs. The second offence would then have file-sharers face a temporary account suspension. On a third offence, they would be entirely cut off from the Internet.

The big downside is that Internet Service Provides will be required to monitor all traffic and maintain huge databases of all activities.

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