Wednesday, 13 February 2008

The changing nature of IT.

One of the issues is a drive to add layers of compliance. It is a simple way for a government to “do something” without doing much. In the early days of the Wild, Wild Web, there were many things that would no longer be considered acceptable. This is in just 10 years or so that this has all changed.

Likewise, there is a move to “clean up” the professions. So just as you have managed to get away with something, it does not mean that you shall continue to do so. In the past, not many people who worked in IT had a degree. It was not a requirement. This is changing and the requirement has moved and the bar has raised.

It is an economic principle of supply and demand. People can demand a degree these days and will pay a premium for staff with professional qualifications. As this occurs, the number of professional qualified people increases and thus the power and influence of the professional groups that they are members of also increases.

The consequence is that they make political moves to raise the bar further and hence the requirements increase leading to legislative enforcement.

40 years ago, most accountants and lawyers did not have a degree. Now it is required. IT is just following the same path.

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