Sunday, 13 January 2008

Weekend Work

Good use of a bad thing.
Or .... Positive in the unwanted.
We have (like many farms) many rocks we do not want. They make slashing grass difficult and damage blades. Being on a hilly property, they find their way to the surface given time.
The answer is to make use of them. The pond is full of tadpoles, so this has made adding the second coat of sealant difficult and we had to keep topping it up (lucky we are on tank water or we would have an issue). Strange how you get more water when you collect your own. We get to waste water at the farm, watering plants, filling the pond, just leaving taps running. You would think it the opposite.
So we have extended the garden around the home and added a kitchen herb garden.
Adding both decorative plants and also the majority of the herbs I need in the kitchen. There is also the coffee tree. Extremely necessary. We have also added an arch with Wisteria to grow over it and at the base is a water bowl. The kangaroos eat a good deal of the herbs, but they also aid in reducing the mowing around the homestead.

Good use of a bad thing.

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