Sunday, 27 January 2008

Spare Time

A little lanscaping.

Well the outside area is coming along and the herbs are growing nicely (at least those that the wallabies do not like).
We have summer savory, oregano, majoram, thyme (common), spearmint, catnip, peppermint and common mint all waiting to be used in salads and for that flavoured stew. At the front is a paw paw (papya), there are a coupl,e coffee trees and some comfry and dog's bane.
More gardens, rocks to collect and lanscaping await. I have to go tend the salad and kitchen garden later today, but all in the morning prior to the SUMMER SUN beating down.
But not till my next vactations.
Right now, with a chapter of a book to complete, questions for SANS 509 (Oracle security) and a few other tasks to complete - I am trying to ignore the mowing...

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