Friday, 25 January 2008

Recomended Reading for the week

Beyond peace: Israel, the Arab world and Europe
The 2000s have been locust years for the middle-east peace process. But in 2008, the European Union has an opportunity to steer a progressive dynamic across the region, says Volker Perthes. From openDemocracy by ISN.

MIT Open Courseware
Want to learn something new? MIT has for the last few years opened their courseware and material library offering it freely online. My recomendations:

6.002 Circuits and Electronics
Course Highlights
This course features a complete set of lecture notes and videos and descriptions of live demonstrations shown during class, along with lab assignments and many other materials used by students in the course. The course textbook was also coauthored by the professors.

Or if you want to have Audio and Video as well... Have a look at the MIT lectures that have Audio/Video have a look at their lectures that have a recorded component.

In particular, I would recomend:
5.74 Introductory Quantum Mechanics II
This course covers time-dependent quantum mechanics and spectroscopy. Topics include perturbation theory, two-level systems, light-matter interactions, relaxation in quantum systems, correlation functions and linear response theory, and nonlinear spectroscopy.

Go to:

If you want to listen or watch.

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