Sunday, 13 January 2008

And back in the Burb's

It is definately summer and the fruit and vegetables are starting to ripen. I do not eat anywhere near as much fruit and vege as my physician tells me, but when it is fresh it is easier.
The Babacco (like a paw-paw or papaya but a hybrid) gives prolific amounts of fruit that ripen all spring and summer. It has a slightly lime flavour and makes a good adition of a fresh fruit drink.

The pumpkins are green but starting to swell. In this one small garden (which had paths once I think - that's right under the vege) we get all we need for the year and engough to give away as well.
And salad greens are also not an issue. I like a good range, so there are the normal Cos and other lettuce as well as solsice, various chinese and japanese greens and a variety of mustard brassicia - these add a little bite or spice to the salad.
Peas and Beans are going strong. I have a roman bean in this year. The beans are supposed to grow to a meter or longer, well let us see. Snow peas directly from the vine are a great snack.
The flowers are marigolds. They reduce pests and stop me having to spray anywhere near as much as I otherwise would. With these, a little white oil and pyrethrium are enough most of the time.
Finally the elder berry. They are still in bloom while there are ripe berries. I can see a good sauce.

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