Saturday, 5 January 2008

Back to it and congrats to SANS/GIAC

Well it is back home and to the grind.

A note of congratulations to all the people at SANS / GIAC (where the blog gets at good chunk of focus from). The new year has brought them over the 20,000 mark. With 20 something GIAC certs of my own, my 4th and 5th gold papers submitted and the 6th on the way (and of course 1 GIAC Platinum) I have a vested interest in supporting SANS and the GIAC program.

There is a reason of course. SANS training and the GIAC certification program is the premier security acreditation program. To really demonstrate mastery of a security skill or of an area of the security knowledgebase, then SANS wins hands down.

On another note, I have just completed my GIAC Cutting Edge Hacking Techniques Certificate (GHTQ) certificate. To take the quote from the site this is:

"The Cutting-Edge Hacking Techniques certificate focuses on the latest tools and techniques used by hackers. The hacker's toolkit is not static; new vulnerabilities and tools are developed at an astounding pace. The candidate will have hands-on experience using the latest techniques and tools at the disposal of the attacker. Candidates will demonstrate in depth understanding of how Google is used in reconnaissance, new scanning techniques, recent Windows attacks, new toolkits, and root kits. Candidates will also be prepared to handle attacks in the new fields of combo-malware, microcode attacks, and polymorphic code".

I did the OnDemand for this, it was another great course and I will be getting some on my staff to take it when I get back (yes this includes you Steven).

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

A week on the Farm

This is my week off, I am at the farm and doing agricultural work. This is fencing, spraying, checking on the animals and other related tasks.

So I shall see you next Sunday, don't expect too much prior to this.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year

It is new years day. Don't expect much today. Hick...

Monday, 31 December 2007

Consult the Doctor.

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I will answer at least one question weekly and post the results. I will readily comment on Digital forensics, IT Security, Networking, Cryptography, Statistics, Algorithmic programming or a variety of other topics.

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