Sunday, 11 November 2007

And on the 7th day...

Well it is Sunday. The day of the week I will refrain from Security related posts and move to a very important aspect of life; the Farm that my wife and I own and manage. Information security is still one of my day’s tasks, but not in the post. I have a few writing tasks on the books I am authoring and a few question writing assignments for a number of certifications. I am also doing so academic research into using CART (a digital analysis - data mining technique) for use in digital forensics to predict probabilistically the sender of a spoofed email.

Today I am here at the farm. I am not just an academic; I like to learn about everything. As such I also do trade studies. I am in the final stages of completing my automotive trade certificate. That is an automotive mechanic.

This weekend I am working on my "Clutches and Transmissions" Assignment. So who knows why in an automotive transmission when the impeller is rotating faster than the turbine, as can occur if the engine is accelerating quickly, when the torque is at its maximum? Something to let you research if you really want.

The world is full of grandure, if we take the time to see it.
One of the benefits of the farm is it helps maintain that sense of reality that is often lost. We forget that with all the technology we make, we are still a mote in the universe. We forget how small we are in the scheme of things in our small view of the world. We need to look from a greater perspective.

It is hard to remember the important things and we have to at times take a break to see what we have done, where we are going and how it all fits together. This is some of why I "do" security work. It is about making sure that we can ensure that the world is just that little better.

To this end I am rebuilding a couple more computers. This is adding Ram, checking the hardware etc. By the time they are done they are up to about the standards of a typical low-medium end new machine. Burnside distributes these to needy families. As of this weekend, these include the 250th computer I have donated (30% new when I have no time and the others rebuilt and saving landfill. Some have gone to SVCS in the past as well).

All this allows me to have a time to get away and reflect on what matters in life. This means we can see how small we are and how big the world is. It allows me to focus and see my small place in humanity.

Please do not focus on what I do here - this is not the point. Helen and the good staff at Burnside, Hastings are the hero's of the piece.

I spend a little money and give up a little time. Helen and her staff give aid to people in need every day. Her and people like her are the real champions of the post.

So as the Sun Sets slowly into the west, I will leave you with today's final image and a concluding remark, what have you done this week to try and repay the gift of just being alive?

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